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April 2016 Recap

by Duncan

So far 2016 has been rather busy – the team here have had to focus on some other projects, so progress slowed down a bit.

With the recent pop-up arcade Glitchface taking part in Johannesburg, Skadonk Showdown was selected to be showcased. The team put in a lot of work in a short amount of time, and managed to refine and update the game to include several new features – including the rooftop deathmatch game mode. Check out some screenshots below:

Showing off new features of the Taxibus Rush gamemode

Rooftop deathmatch

Overview of the rooftop deathmatch mode

2015 Recap

by Duncan

2015 has been a fun year of learning and experimentation with Unity. It’s powerful physics engine has been a key role in the production of Skadonk Showdown.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you who gave the game a test, and shared your thoughts with us. The game was lucky to get as much playtesting as possible, and we are looking forward to implementing the feedback.

For now, we will leave you with some videos that have inspired us for the way forward. They were made by the Greyscale Gorilla, who are 3D geniuses with Cinema4D.

rAge Expo 2015 – Johannesburg

by Duncan

Skadonk Showdown was lucky enough to be part of the rAge expo 2015, where it got its first large audience public playtesting. Play sessions averaged between 5 minutes to 30 minutes, as players wanted to test out all of the game modes and challenge each other to who was the better driver. The highlight of the expo for us was a group of kids returned to the stall every day to play for 30 minutes at a time.

The game’s theme was a hit with the local crowds, and we were interviewed by a couple of local journalists about the game:

“Skadonk Showdown is probably our favourite game from the Home Coded stand. Not only is it an absolute blast, but it is the most South African game we’ve ever seen.”
 – Clinton Matos

“The crazy, silly, stereotype-fueled racing game that is Skadonk Showdown is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.”
IGN – Kyle Lautenbach



Amaze Festival Popup arcades

by Duncan

Skadonk Showdown had its first public demo at the AMAZE Festival Popup arcades in Soweto and Alexandra.

September 2015 recap – Physics and logo

by Duncan

September was a relatively quiet month, where the game was mostly being polished up for the AMAZE festival popup arcades that took place in Soweto and Alexandra.

Physics objects were introduced into the tracks, and allowed for a little bit more engagement on the track itself.

The logo for the game was also completed.


Physics objects causing a bit of pandemonium on the tracks



Another shot of some of the physics objects in action



Logo for the game

August 2015 recap – HUD and Pedestrians

by Duncan

This month has mostly been used to polish up the racing mechanics, and make sure there are no glaring issues and bugs with the racing mode itself. Checkpoints were added into the race track as to check player progress within the race, as well as allow them to finish once the “3 laps” were complete.

A basic HUD was also introduced, as to give the player some important racing information.

The second half of the month was used to start integrating another “Crazy Taxi” style game mode, where players needs to collect and drop off passengers all the while sabotaging other players.


Implementing a Mini-Map



Rough layout for new game mode



Testing frame rates with pedestrians



Giving pedestrians random waypoints

July 2015 recap – New vehicles and powerups

by Duncan

Building off the momentum from the initial prototype, the cars are replaced with traditional South African Taxis, and a few powerups are implemented and tested. The spike strip was designed and implemented with simple 3d primitives, and integrated into unity using a “chain” method of latching prefabs to each other.

The track itself has started going through various iterations as the routes were mapped out and playtested.

The swearing mechanic has also been added, where the user can press a button to shake their arm out the window at other driver in anger. For now its just for fun, and I still need to look at how I can integrate it into the game without the being too repetitive.


Implementing the swearing mechanic



Testing randomized colours


Deployable spike strips are created and tested



Testing the ability for the spike strips to align to any surface


Initial tire popping experiments


Sparks fly as tires are popped

June 2015 recap – Initial prototype

by Duncan

Skadonk Showdown started as a kart-styled racing game set in Johannesburg. Inspired by the likes of Mario Kart and Zero Gear, the project was a start for me to make the jump over from Game Maker into Unity3D. Below you can see some of the initial prototype layouts and process of sculpting the first track – Johannesburg CBD.

Initial vehicle plugin testing and mandela bridge modelling


First draft of track layout for Jozi race


Testing blocked out track


Blocking out the Joburg map with building placeholders


Initial track layout testing