July 2015 recap – New vehicles and powerups

by Duncan

Building off the momentum from the initial prototype, the cars are replaced with traditional South African Taxis, and a few powerups are implemented and tested. The spike strip was designed and implemented with simple 3d primitives, and integrated into unity using a “chain” method of latching prefabs to each other.

The track itself has started going through various iterations as the routes were mapped out and playtested.

The swearing mechanic has also been added, where the user can press a button to shake their arm out the window at other driver in anger. For now its just for fun, and I still need to look at how I can integrate it into the game without the being too repetitive.


Implementing the swearing mechanic



Testing randomized colours


Deployable spike strips are created and tested



Testing the ability for the spike strips to align to any surface


Initial tire popping experiments


Sparks fly as tires are popped