About Red Dot Lab


Red Dot Lab is a company formed in 2011 by Duncan Bell, who dreams to one day run the studio full time, collaborating with like-minded creatives from around the world. During the day, Duncan works as a graphic designer – mainly to fund his after hours passion of making video games. Duncan also moonlights as a video game design lecturer on weekends, helping educate the younger generation on the processes and enjoyment of video game creation.

Red Dot Lab has been involved in the local gaming community since 2010, when Duncan released his prototype for Blazin’ Aces. After exhibiting at a few expos and festivals, an upgraded version of Blazin’ Aces was released globally on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. Blazin’ Aces was well received,  and received great ratings from local and international reviewers alike. Blazin’ Aces was also runner up to the “GameMaker Showcase Game of the Year 2014

About Duncan Bell


Duncan is an award-winning, multi-disciplined designer, specialising in digital media. During his 6 years in the industry, Duncan has worked on a number of local and global brands, including KFC, DStv, Toyota, BP, Samsung and Mondelez in differing capacities. Here he worked with the team to develop high-performing campaigns and a strong online presence for these brands.

With a lifetime of exposure to art and a geeky childhood spent almost entirely on video games, Duncan spends his moonlighting hours designing and developing video games.

About Skadonk Showdown

Shadonk Showdown is a physics charged, local multiplayer, vehicle combat game wrapped in a South African theme. Fast reflexes, itchy trigger fingers and luck are needed to come out on top. The game concept, was sparked by the rich concentration of different individuals and cultures within South Africa – most importantly the Taxi culture.

Game Features

  • Physics powered arcade style racing
  • 5 different game modes based off South African Taxi culture
  • Uniquely African Theme
  • Customizable vehicles
  • Collectable powerups
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Short Sessions of gameplay


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Featured Articles

rAge expo stall

“Skadonk Showdown is probably our favourite game from the Home Coded stand. Not only is it an absolute blast, but it is the most South African game we’ve ever seen.”

htxt.co.za– Clinton Matos

“The crazy, silly, stereotype-fueled racing game that is Skadonk Showdown is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.”

IGN – Kyle Lautenbach